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CoQ 10? Whats the big deal? July 15, 2009

Posted by viper42 in health.
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Well, we hear so much about CoQ 10 and how its supposed to be this great thing. So whats all the hype about? Well, as it turns out, its a pretty amazing compound that, for people who can take it, it can give you that all to mysterious energy boost you need on a daily basis. However, there are some who should be careful with it.

What are some of the things thisj CoQ can so? Well, it helps to produce ATP which is essential to your body’s cells to produce energy for you. It boosts the immune system and even helps to improve the metabolism of your heart muscles. It has been shown to help enhance the pumping action of the heart. That could be of particular interest to those with Congestive heart failure. Of course, its use with this or anything else should be done with the advice of a doctor.

Is there anything that happens as a result of not having it or enough of it? Some research has shown that deficiencies in this can lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. Also, deficiency in it has been linked to lowered immune function, diabetes and obesity. Of course, I dont mean to suggest that this is a be all product that stops these things. However, adding an agent in your body that can at least help offset your chances is not a bad thing.

Can your prescription drugs be an issue? Although there are no documented reactions noted, the drugs themselves have side effects that can be offset by use of this vitamin. For those on cancer treatment with doxirubicin, known to be cardiotoxic, this can lessen the toxic effects of it. For those using cholesterol lowering medications, the action of these drugs actually lowers the amount of CoQ in your body. Supplementing it can return energy levels back to your body. The one area that always warrants caution and is not recommended is in pregnancy.

Use after 4-8 weeks is when you can see a noticeable difference. So, if have issues with energy as a result of prescription drugs, conditions or just general lack of energy, looking into a quality supplement of CoQ 10 would be a great choice.