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Why Fear Death…When You are not Living September 11, 2009

Posted by viper42 in Motivation.
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MAny of us fear Death.  I would say for good reason.  It’s associated with pain for you and those around you.  It represents the end of what is known to us.  And generally when we cannot see or know something it is something we generally fear.  As for what happens at that point, that is a debate unto itself.  However, if we spend much of our lives in fear of this inevitable event, how many of us can say we are truly LIVING?

Lets face it, many people have dreams and goals they want in life yet they never achieve it much less even TRY!  The question is why?  You may go through life hearing many people say “you cant do it” or “thats impossible.”  Many will try to give all sorts of reasons why you CANT.  Well, as sure as death is coming, so will the passing of your dreams if you dont ACT!  Action is the only thing that gives YOU a chance at success.  Success for yourself, your family, friends, loved ones, and yes…even The World.

If by striving to achieve a goal you become inspired and learn that YOU always had the power to INSPIRE others to great heights or achievements, then what would the world be like if you chose not to pursue your dream.  How dare you deprive the world of something more priceless than diamonds….YOU!  Think what one person can do when inspired to act.  Regardless of your religious affiliations, it is undeniable that Jesus inspired many by action in the face of Death and treachery for spreading s good word.  He became the face of a new religion.  Martin Luther, angered by the actions of the Catholic church spurred the growth of the commonly called Protestant sects of Christianity.  It was thought the sound barrier could not be broken…it was.

The point here is this…circumstances will always be here.  Challenges will always be in front of you.  Without the challenges, you will never grow.  You will never be more than how you arrived into this world.  We are all given talents and attributes in order that we may all contribute to this world and others.  Don worry yourself so much on the fear of death.  Concern yourself with living and pursuing your dreams.  YOU CAN ACHIEVE!!!  Dont deprive the world of what you can bring to it. If you do, death has already come for you.