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Great Success Story February 21, 2012

Posted by viper42 in health.
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So I came across a great success story reading the paper while waiting for my car to get serviced this morning. It came from a Long Island newspaper. A young lady experienced a real rough patch in life losing her father to colon cancer, then was diagnosed with narcolepsy, and to top it off was raped thereafter. Not a motivating series of events.

As she put it, “there wasn’t a food I did not like to eat.” She ate everything around and hit a staggering 226 pounds on 5 foot 3 frame. YIKES!!! Well, it took a friend at work to help her see the light and she started her change with and action plan. How is this for a REAL simple start to her weight loss: all she did to get herself going was walk at lunchtime at work…and listen to success stories at a local weight watchers meeting.

That simple start led to her starting to eating more vegetables, fish, and brown rice. She starts every morning with a yogurt and now runs, does Bikram Yoga and Boxes…WOW!! To honor her transformation, she tattooed a great saying from Ghandi on her: “Be The Change you wish to see in the world.” That led to her great result…147 pounds! 79 POUNDS Lost. Amazing.

Its great to hear about simple things making such a huge difference even in the midst of severe personal trials. All it took to start…a good friend with good advice and surrounding herself with positive energy and people. I think for many things in life, that combination will work for just about anything.



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