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Will you become The Sword? August 15, 2012

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Has anyone ever faced a challenge in their life? Of course. Physical, emotional, financial and personal challenges abound. Adversity is a part of our lives. I to have been dealing with personal problems of my own that are tough to handle in my own mind.

Without challenge, we never improve and we never learn. Without adversity we will not improve upon ourselves or the world we live in. Thats not to say it will really ever be pleasant. The thing I have noticed about adversity is that often how we see it in our minds determines our ability to cope or overcome the problem. It was not until I thought about the analogy of a sword that this unfortunate fact of life looked a little different.

If you have never seen a movie or read about how a sword is made, I will explain in brief. Essentially a blacksmith will take raw metal from the earth, go through a series of steps including heating the steel, hammering it, cooling it, shaping it. This process is exhausting, its uncomfortable, it takes time. But when its done, you have pure shiny steel. Its cut razor sharp. It has durability, it can last through the elements and sometimes becomes a work of art to those who see it.

If we were to look at the steel as us, and life as the blacksmith, some challenges might be handled mentally and physically a little better. With every fault we have life is putting us through fire. We are repeatedly hit. The difference between us and steel…emotion and pain. These are unique to us. That we can never change. But if we can look at our final result as a fine Steel Sword, it could sharpen our resolve to overcome. It can help us to release the strength within us to endure and overcome. Most importantly, the glimmer of coming through those challenges will serve as a light and inspiration to others.

If you are being challenged now…Strengthen yourself. Draw upon the strength of others for help. Commit to your fight. I shall look forward to seeing a true work of art in the end!




Law of Attraction July 10, 2012

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If you have not yet heard of the Law of Attraction you most certainly have used it…although not quite in the way you might think.  I personally subscribe to posts from The Secret.  If you have not heard of or read the book, it’s certainly worthwhile to pick up.  I have decided to share a post a received from the The Secret that I believe is really just the beginning to understanding the Law of Attraction.  Its something I am trying to do myself.


The post was simple…before going to sleep, think of every good and positive thing that happened in your day, even down to the smallest of things.  Then express your gratitude for it.  Once you have done that, think of the upcoming day and as they put it, “Intend it” to be an amazing day.  Actually will it!!! Then when you wake in the morning, before you get  up, declare your intentions for the day and what you want out of it.  Here is the kicker.  Give thanks for what you intend as if you have received it already!  Why?  Simple.  Have you noticed that more often than not when you think you are going to have a bad day you do?  Our mind creates the reality and it comes true.   That is the Attraction most of us are used to.  I know I am.  The opposite is also true, but does take more effort, as with anything constructive.

The key to changing our reality is to first start thinking it, dreaming it but most importantly, believing it.   I am trying to practice this myself.  But I believe that with practice things happen.  I hope that this was helpful to you.  I recommend reading or watching The Secret and seeing if the teachings within can help you attract more of the good in your life.

Cover of "The Secret"

Cover of The Secret

Dare To Fail March 26, 2012

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” Only those who dare to fail greatly, achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

How do you think and see yourself and your life when you hear these words? Do you ever sit back and say I want this or want to be this or that? There isn’t a soul on earth that hasn’t or doesn’t. But what is that makes certain people succeed so well?

The answer is in the quote. To get the sweetness of personal success in any endeavor lies in your acceptance of failure. The ticket is to expect failures. You MUST fail enough to achieve. Think of baseball. A good batter has a 300 batting or slightly higher. That means 1/3 of the time he is a success. Sounds weird. But think on it…without the failure you can never improve yourself, you cannot learn your limits…or rather the amazing heights of personal success you can achieve…UNLESS YOU DARE YOURSELF.

We will all fail…but HOW many failures you have will determine your success in large part. So think on this. You hate your job. You have always dreamed of running your own business. You have to actually TRY starting one. It will take failures to learn about loans, staff, insurance….BUT YOU CAN. You will need to learn to max your time…but in the end we could have a great company helping others afford a living while providing a service..one you are passionate about.

You love the ocean…You always dreamed of surfing catching killer waves….Will you let those waves stop you? There are a bunch of surfers out there now. CONQUER the failures…fall off the board…GET UP…learn that balance. LOVE the journey…know and have the GOAL in your head. Having the goal AHEAD pulls you forward.

The country is in a state of flux…we need people to DARE themselves. So you fail…SO WHAT!! Wont be the first time or last. Fail enough, we could have new technologies, new ideas, NEW HOPE simply from YOUR dedication and NOT quitting. DARE TO FAIL….and you SHALL ACHIEVE GREATLY!!!

Why Fear Death…When You are not Living September 11, 2009

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MAny of us fear Death.  I would say for good reason.  It’s associated with pain for you and those around you.  It represents the end of what is known to us.  And generally when we cannot see or know something it is something we generally fear.  As for what happens at that point, that is a debate unto itself.  However, if we spend much of our lives in fear of this inevitable event, how many of us can say we are truly LIVING?

Lets face it, many people have dreams and goals they want in life yet they never achieve it much less even TRY!  The question is why?  You may go through life hearing many people say “you cant do it” or “thats impossible.”  Many will try to give all sorts of reasons why you CANT.  Well, as sure as death is coming, so will the passing of your dreams if you dont ACT!  Action is the only thing that gives YOU a chance at success.  Success for yourself, your family, friends, loved ones, and yes…even The World.

If by striving to achieve a goal you become inspired and learn that YOU always had the power to INSPIRE others to great heights or achievements, then what would the world be like if you chose not to pursue your dream.  How dare you deprive the world of something more priceless than diamonds….YOU!  Think what one person can do when inspired to act.  Regardless of your religious affiliations, it is undeniable that Jesus inspired many by action in the face of Death and treachery for spreading s good word.  He became the face of a new religion.  Martin Luther, angered by the actions of the Catholic church spurred the growth of the commonly called Protestant sects of Christianity.  It was thought the sound barrier could not be broken…it was.

The point here is this…circumstances will always be here.  Challenges will always be in front of you.  Without the challenges, you will never grow.  You will never be more than how you arrived into this world.  We are all given talents and attributes in order that we may all contribute to this world and others.  Don worry yourself so much on the fear of death.  Concern yourself with living and pursuing your dreams.  YOU CAN ACHIEVE!!!  Dont deprive the world of what you can bring to it. If you do, death has already come for you.